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Top 5 reasons to choose an office in The Capital Plaza

By Press TCP 8 months ago
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The Capital Plaza diplomat tower

The Capital Plaza is an innovative, modern and multifunctional centre with luxury apartments and suites, attractive cafes and restaurants, world-famous boutiques, a business hotel and the modernly equipped Capital Plaza offices.

This unique centre, with a striking appearance, provides all the facilities for a fulfilling and quality private and business life. For all those looking for business premises in the most prestigious location in Podgorica, we give you 5 reasons why to choose an office in The Capital Plaza complex: 

  1. Quality and comfort 

The Capital Plaza business complex consists of two towers: a diplomatic tower and a business tower. Clients have the opportunity to choose The Capital Plaza offices in Podgorica which are flexible and adapt them to their needs. The Capital Plaza’s business premises have luxurious facilities and feature all the necessary high-quality amenities. Applied technological solutions make this business center a different and prestigious choice for business premises in Podgorica. 

  1. Attractive location  

The Capital Plaza location is the best choice for business premises in Podgorica, and in Montenegro. It is located in the centre of all business and administrative events, in a luxurious environment of the newest part of the city. The Capital Plaza fits perfectly into the modern architecture of this part of Podgorica. It is a very stimulating environment to work in as many regional companies, representative offices of large global companies, embassies and other representative offices of foreign countries are located in The Capital Plaza Centre. 

  1. Outstanding management  

Outstanding content management and organization are trademarks of this business centre. The entire property has 24/7 reception services, as well as security. Professional management takes care of all aspects of The Capital Plaza Podgorica centre, making it a fully efficient complex in which every part functions flawlessly. 

  1. Diverse offer 

The Capital Plaza is a multifunctional centre and offers banking services, car rental services, laundries, insurance, boutiques, a post office, a hotel, as well as the Capital fitness center and a wellness center. 

The possibility of performing a large number of activities in one place is an important advantage of this centre. 

It is possible to rent apartments, within The Capital Plaza Centre, that have multi-purpose residential and business units. This type of business facility is known as Officetel and is the choice of many young companies. 

  1. Modern look 

The Capital Plaza Centre’s futuristic look and equally attractive business premises leave a strong impression. Spacious business premises have excellent natural lighting that shines through glass walls that offer a view of the urban part of Podgorica. The prestigious architecture of this building reflects the contemporary lifestyle in this part of Podgorica. The exterior and interior are built according to world trends, and the innovative approach is dominant in the architecture of the business and diplomatic tower. 

Due to its modern appearance and facilities, The Capital Plaza Podgorica has become, in a short time, one of the trademarks of modern Podgorica and an important business space in Montenegro. 


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