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Top 10 places you need to visit in Podgorica

By Press TCP 8 months ago
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The Capital Plaza diplomat tower from above

The capital offers lots of interesting things to do and landmarks to visit. There are certainly a lot of business facilities, so the best offices in Montenegro are in Podgorica. 

Here’s what you can see in the capital: 

  1. Museums and Galleries of Podgorica 

Museums and galleries in Podgorica are the highlight of its cultural offer. This cultural wealth consists of the City Museum, Marko Miljanov Museum, Modern Gallery and Risto Ratković Gallery. 

The City Museum and the Modern Gallery are located in the city centre and showcase some of the most interesting exhibits of historical, ethnographic, archaeological and cultural and historical material with an emphasis on Montenegrin tradition. The Modern Gallery emphasizes the importance of contemporary art with its innovative approach. Here you can find some of the works of Petar Lubarda and Dado Djuric, the most famous Montenegrin artists.   

Risto Ratković Gallery is located in Stara Varoš, where you can feel the spirit of old Podgorica. Risto Ratković was a Montenegrin sculptor who left a powerful mark on Montenegrin art and became famous for his portraits of “Mountain Wreath” characters. 

The Marko Miljanov Museum is located in Kuči, near Podgorica, where the most important moments from the life of this great hero of Montenegro are highlighted through three parts. 

  1. Niagara Falls 

An interesting attraction and popular excursion site, especially during hot summer days, is the waterfall on the river Cijevna, which the local population named Niagara Falls. It is only 4km from the city centre and was built so that residents from nearby villages could grind wheat and corn, but the mills did not survive the tumultuous events of the 20th century.   

Niagara Falls is now a place to rest and mingle with loved ones. 

  1. Stara Varoš and Sahat Tower 

Stara Varoš was the core of Podgorica during the Ottoman period when it developed all its oriental features. The symbol of Stara Varoš is the Sahat Tower, a building located on Bećirbega Square, erected by Haji Mehmed-paša Osmanagić. 

Here you can feel the authentic and traditional spirit, as well as many traditions and customs of the old days. 

  1. Bridge on Skaline  

A romantic place, from which sunsets are especially magical, is the symbol of recognizability of Podgorica. It is located in the city centre, on Skaline and is the oldest bridge in Podgorica. The local population called this place a bridge on Sastavci because the area around the mouth of Ribnica in Morač was called Sastavci.   

Here you can now enjoy a restaurant by the river, but also a pleasant walk along the new promenade that connects the main bridges of Podgorica. 

  1. Shopping malls – Delta City and The Capital Plaza 

For shopping enthusiasts, shopping malls located in the urban part of Podgorica offer world-famous boutiques. In addition to numerous boutiques and shops, The Capital Plaza Podgorica is a multifunctional centre of the capital, home to offices and representative offices of a large number of global and regional companies, embassies, luxury apartments, a hotel, as well as a commercial and catering zone. Although the name of the centre has long been changed, many remember it under the old name – Atlas Capital. 

The Capital Plaza offers the possibility of renting business premises and offices in Podgorica, as well as apartments. The best offices in Montenegro can be found in this centre. Also, one of the world’s most popular hotels, CUE, is located here, which is one of the highlights of the capital. 

The Capital Fitness Center, but also boutiques and popular restaurants in PodgoricaElit Restaurant &Bar and Hard Rock Cafe, are located here. 

Delta City has plenty of popular boutiques, world-famous brands, restaurants and bars. There is also a modern cinema, as well as many other facilities that promise a good time. 

The Capital Plaza definitely offers the best offices in Montenegro. 

These two centres are the most famous in Podgorica and are places of good entertainment and shopping. 

  1. Skadar Lake 

When going from Podgorica towards Bar, one of the most beautiful lakes of Montenegro stretches along the Zeta-Skadar valley, a significant natural attraction of Podgorica, – Skadar Lake. It was declared a National Park in 1983 and represents the biggest crypt-depression in the Balkans. Tourists find this destination very attractive because it is abundant in natural wealth. However, there are also cultural and historical monuments, which tourists happily visit. Excursion, recreational, cultural and speleological tourism, cruising and especially popular bird watching have been developed. It is precisely the favourable position near the capital city, but also the sea and mountains, that is the uniqueness of Skadar Lake as an attractive tourist destination. 


  1. Vineyard – Plantations “13. Jul” 

Viticulture is a popular branch in Podgorica in the vineyard “Plantations 13. Jul”, with an area of 2,300 hectares. Although the vineyard is huge and the plots are very far apart, visitors are allowed to visit it entirely, with a glass of sparkling wine and a pleasant ride on the tourist train. 

There are 29 different grape varieties grown in the vineyard, the most important of which are Montenegrin varieties: vranac and krstač. After a tour of the vineyards, a visit to the cellar in Šipčanik is a must. 

For wine lovers and lovers of unusual natural resources, this attraction is a unique experience. 

  1. Duklja and Medun 

Duklja and Medun are places rich in the history of ancient Podgorica, just a few kilometres from the city center. Medun is a little further away, about ten kilometers from the city. In addition to the impressive church of St. Nicholas, the birth house of Marko Miljanov, a Montenegrin hero, as well as the remains of the Illyrian city of Meteon, are located in Medun. 

Meteon was built at the end of the 4th century BC and was one of the centers of the Illyrian tribe Labeata, which ruled the entire Skadar basin. The remains of the town of Medun, with preserved towers and ramparts, mainly belong to a medieval Turkish fortress. 

Here, besides cultural treasures, one can enjoy the excursion site and make the so-called panoramic route Circle around Korita. 

  1. Gorica Park 

Podgorica is named after the hill Gorica which is located in the centre, so the name Podgorica means – The city under Gorica. 

This is a popular excursion spot for Podgorica citizens, but also for all visitors to the city. There is also an adventure park for children. 

The pine trees, for which Gorica is famous, have a beneficial effect on health.   

  1. Bokeška Street 

Podgorica is famous for its catering, i.e. a very rich offer of cafes and restaurants. The ritual of drinking coffee takes on a new meaning in Podgorica, and numerous cafes are places of gathering and good entertainment. 

Bokeška Street is located in the very center of the city, so it connects catering with other tourist offers of the capital.   


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