Sheikh Zayed Street,
II/05 1st Floor
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
+382 20 234 077


In the past period, as of the center’s opening, about a hundred events and campaigns in Podgorica have been organized in the center in relation to various themes. The concept of our center is characterized by events mainly held in the open space, in the center’s Atrium, as the most recognizable place in the city, one that only we possess.

The most visited are the commercial events and concerts. Two of such events were concerts by the musical group The Frajle and Macao Band. The “Made in New York” Jazz festival which brought together a number of world-renowned jazz musicians. The concert by Big Band as part of the “A Tempo” festival also draw a big crowd. Fairs and exhibitions, are also well-visited, especially in the summer. Who could resist the Wine Fair, the Old-timer Exhibition, the Drone Exhibition or the Professional Education Fair?

Some of the other events held in our atrium were Science Days, Career Days, Days of Turkey, Fitness Day, New Year’s Party for Children, Pregnancy Info Day and so many others.

Sport Events in Podgorica

We have sponsored various festivals, sports clubs, individual sportsmen, in two instances we were involved with the TV program “TV Dnevnica (“TV Daily Wages”), we organized the Day of Voluntary Blood Donation with our associates, we supported the Days of the Roma and the Red Cross, various medical and school institutions, as well as individuals who needed the assistance of the community.

We invest effort every day to stimulate cultural events and by this very fact, to offer to the city – educational events, art, and creativity- by carefully considering the age structure of the city, our target group, and observing the needs of the city itself in the process.

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