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Montenegro is a country of remarkable and wonderful beauty, even though it spreads over only 13,800 sqkm, and it justifiably and proudly bears its slogan, “Wild Beauty”. In the unity of endless diversities, three regions can be distinguished: the coast, the central region and the mountains.

The sea washes 293 kilometers of coast. In addition to the magnificent Boka Bay, the southernmost fjord in Europe, many small bays, wild beaches and sand of the finest quality are also very attractive. In the central area, there is Lake Skadar, the largest lake in the Balkans, a paradise for birds. And then we have a chain of mountain peaks, rising to altitudes of over 2,000 meters. Apart from their magnificent summits and canyons, they are adorned with glacial lakes, forests and pastures, and an extreme abundance of flora and fauna. Here, the Tara River has carved the deepest canyon in Europe.

The sea and the mountains, five national parks, and areas that are part of the world’s natural heritage; all these offer plentiful locations for sports and adventure as well as for extreme sports.

The traditional cuisine is diverse, featuring dishes and ingredients drawn from the sea, the lake and the mountains, and is exceptionally tasty and healthy.  Guests are left speechless by the taste of the local bread, cheese, lamb, trout and sea specialties. Not to mention the locally-produced wine, brandy and mead on offer here.

In the cultural heritage of today’s Montenegro, the influence of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, Eastern Europe and Oriental civilizations are all recognizable. Apart from Kotor, where the Old Town is under the protection of UNESCO, you shouldn’t miss the remains of the ancient settlements, monasteries, churches, cathedrals, mosques and museums that Montenegro is home to; of course the creations of contemporary builders and artists are also worth your time.

There are two airports in Montenegro, one in Golubovci near Podgorica and the other one in Tivat.

Podgorica, the modern capital of Montenegro, has always been a traffic hub.  With its perfect location, it extends across 1,500 sqkm, with a total population of 187,000, and is one of the warmest cities in Europe. It lies only half an hour by road from both the sea and the high mountains and it is only 12 km away from the airport in Golubovci. Situated on five rivers and several hills, while preserving the old city core, Podgorica functions as an administrative, business, medical, university and cultural center; however, Podgorica is developing fast and is taking the form of a modern European city.  Several good hotels, a range of restaurants offering exquisite local and international cuisine, landscaped green areas and a rich cultural life, featuring performances by well-known artists of international standing at the National Theater and elsewhere, all make this city a good place to live and work.