Sheikh Zayed Street,
II/05 1st Floor
81000 Podgorica, Montenegro
+382 20 234 077


Commercial zone the building is situated at one of the most attractive locations, in the immediate vicinity of shopping malls, City Kvart settlement, the University, and the state institutions.

The small square on the ground level and the -1 level are functionally and visually well connected as a whole. During the summer, the square developed into a place of gathering of a large number of local and foreign tourists. Music concerts under the open sky, fashion shows and cultural events, packed restaurants offering local and international culinary delights, turn The
Capital Plaza into one of the central locations for all events in the capital city.

Besides the unique shopping experience, gastronomic pleasure, and leisure, The Capital Plaza also provides a parking solution for all residents and visitors in this part of the city.

The Center disposes of two hundred and thirty (230) parking lots for visitors. Each parking lot is equipped with a parking lot occupancy led indicator (green – free, red – occupied). The parking lots for persons with disabilities are clearly marked. For all visitors of the Center, free parking is available for half an hour, while each following started hour is charged 0,50 €. The parking fee collection system is completely automated. Two panoramic elevators area directly linked to the -1 and 0 levels.

The commercial zone is located in the open part of the atrium on two levels with a total net area of ​​9,184m2. The ground floor includes a pedestrian zone that contains a wide range of fashion brands and accessories, a home decor store, restaurants, bank branches, specialized shops, and a range of shops with a diverse range of services.

On level -1, there is a spa, fitness center and children’s fitness center, organic food store, restaurant, beauty salon, post office, fitness equipment salon, dry cleaning, and children’s playroom where visitors can entrust the care of their children to professional animators and enjoy a carefree shopping experience.

A dynamic place for new generations and all those who enjoy shopping, eating, and drinking. The Capital Plaza is a shopping and lifestyle destination, ideal for a well-designed work or living space for renting to your liking.

Check out the map of the commercial
zone at The Capital Plaza Center

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